How to Cancel an NFHS Network Subscription

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How to Downgrade Your Subscription

If you're on an Annual Pass, you can downgrade to a Monthly Pass. To do so, cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to Monthly. 

When Can I Cancel?

You can cancel the automatic renewal of your NFHS Network subscription at any time. Once your subscription renewal is cancelled, your access will remain until the end of your billing cycle. 

For example, if you are billed on the 1st of every month and you cancel your subscription on November 6th, you will have access to your subscription through November 30th and will not be billed on December 1st. This policy applies to subscriptions purchased through as well as third-party providers.  

Signing out of your account or deleting the app does not cancel your account. 

What is My Subscription Status?

Click on your profile image and then the My Account page.

NFHS Network > Profile > My Account

You will see your subscription status under the Subscriptions section.

My subscriptions

If you are being charged and do not know what NFHS Network login your subscription is connected to, please see How to Subscribe to the NFHS Network.

How to Cancel on

If you subscribed through, you can cancel from My Account.

Your subscription is directly billed by NFHS Network if it appears as a "Stripe Subscription" or "PayPal Subscription" in the Subscriptions section.

Monthly subscriptions are set to automatically renew every calendar month.

If you cancel with time left in your billing period, you can continue to access NFHSNetwork content until the end of the billing period (Expires on date).

Cancelling Through a Third-Party App

If you purchased your subscription directly through a third-party service, including Roku, Amazon, Apple, or Google, the subscription and billing options must be managed directly with that service.

You can see if your subscription is billed through a 3rd party on your My Account page, or by checking with your third-party provider to see if NFHS Network is part of your bill.

There may be a delay in updating third party subscription information on your My Account page.  In that case, please refer to the billing service you are charged by.






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